Sitting on a boat, with no one else but a brown-cloaked man, I woke up confused. Logically, I tried to speak to him. When lost, one seek directions. When confused, one seek answers. When lonely, one seek for company. However, He was silent. He did not ask how I was. He did not look at me. As though in a mechanical movement, he continue rowing his boat, along what seem to be a vast world with nothing in view but the water below me.

As I was getting frustrated, I raised my palm faced up, and prepare myself to cast the simplest magic to wizards, fireball. I warn the ferryman, I would attack him but nothing changed. “FIREBALL” I shouted, but to no avail. Nothing had changed. “Ice Arrow” “Thunder Spear” “Master Elemental Spark” “Gravity Crash”. Gravity Crash would be bad, if it had work. It’s not that my powers were sealed. My powers weren’t present. There is no mana in this area. There is no life in this area. Not even my own. Not even my own huh? “I am dead, ain’t I?” I spoke to aloud to myself.

The Ferryman turn his head towards me. Without saying a word, he turns back. I realized I’m in a situation where I do not know where I am, what I am, but I know the person in front of me does. He is in control. I should level my head and think carefully.

“We’re here.” he didn’t speak but that thought came directed towards me. The boat stopped paddling. “If you fall, your soul will disappear.” Thought communication? Authority? As I wonder how is the ferryman spoke to me, he got out of the boat and is standing in the air. He wasn’t falling or floating, but standing. As I move closer to him, I saw a pavement. One that was invisible from the front but noticeable from the side.

Deciding to trust him, I followed the ferry man towards what appear to be a cave. I felt any misstep would cost me my life. I tread closely behind the ferryman.

After entering the cave, I was astonished. As numerous as stars, their numbers was. I had entered into a gathering of this, with the lack of better words, monsters.

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