The sound of wings beating. The sound of an elephant trumpet. The roar of the Lion. The bad breathes of many. Even further back there were insects, i.e. roaches, grass hoppers, spiders.

The more I looked, my anxiety level and stressed increased. I decided to stop looking and faced down. Everyone were talking in different languages. None that I understand audibly. Seeing a shadow grew bigger before my eyes, I looked up. I saw a giant penguin pushing aside the other monsters to take a seat. I slowly understand my circumstance.

I was in a colosseum where one fight with words instead of weapon. What seem to be a court house, without the lawyers nor guards. Just one that surround me as monsters take their seats and me, awaiting my judgement or sentence of sorts.

If I was to visualize them as people that I know, my fear of the monsters might reduced. Looking at the shadow of the penguin, and how it push others aside, I am reminded of my friend. I wonder how is he. He is known as the biggest bully in the world, and his penguin took after his bad habit of bullying others. If I were to visualize the penguin as…

A thought came to me.

How is everyone? If I am dead, how is everyone else that I know? Are they alive? Where are they? How did I die? I don’t remember. Maybe I’m not dead and there’s another reason why my magic isn’t working.

“You are most definitely dead”


Among the monstrosity that I saw, 13 humanoid figures appear before me. Their bright light that shone the whole cave. The dark cave that were filled with monsters, became bright. As I looked around the ever extending cave, even though the monster’s form didn’t change, they are showing a gentle expression towards me. As the humanoid beings descended, a long marbled table appeared. I am suddenly faced against 13 people with what appeared to be trial.

“You are most definitely dead”

“I am the god of Phophfila, Phoph, and I asked you, Execell, who died of a terrible death, what is it that you seek in the following life”

“…” I went silent as I try to process what is going on. These are the most important questions now. “Where am I, why am I here, who are you, what’s going on, how did I come here? Are my love ones alright?”

“Why, aren’t you a rude individual? We have no obligations to answer don’t questions. If you know who we are, you would prostrate yourself and worship us, for every individual here in this meeting are gods of their own dimension”


“It would be easier for us to proceed if you do not question our existence but focus on why you are here. That’s one of your questions, is it not?”

“I would like to know where or what is this place before knowing why am I here.”

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