… !!! ???

“I would like to know where or what is this place before knowing why am I here.”

“I would like to know how I get here as well.”

“Execell please”

That tone. That voice came from behind me. I thought it was that ol’ dog. As irritating as he was, I missed him right now. In this land, in this place, a familiar face, no, a human-looking creature would be helpful.

“Execell please. Listen to the chosen investigators and what they have to say.”

I recalled the times where even against impossible odds, staying cool is the only way to proceed, be it in mahjong, or learning difficult spells, or handling troublesome people. Things I learnt from that dog, the castaway penguin, and energy vampire. I’m all alone now. How are they now? I want to see them again.

“You are most definitely dead. This much is certain. Welcome to the realm of the gods. This location is called Spelunca foederis, a place where the gods of the different worlds meet for reporting of any abnormality. I am the head investigator for this meeting.”

“Investigator?” I wondered. If this, creature, is an investigator, what is it investigating? This meeting? Does that mean each meeting has different investigator? Wait. Something is wrong. The word it used. Abnormality. Am I an abnormality? The timing of this meeting happen to be too coincidental. Is my presence here an abnormality? Or is it something else?

“Some of us can read your thoughts. Some of us here in the meeting are chosen to be in this investigation team due to our ability to the thoughts of others. I swear, upon my own name, you are giving us headaches by thinking so many questions at one go.”

“I’m sorry for reading your thoughts. Aopaefia is”

“Great Goddess Aopaefia Laydia.”

The goddess who was speaking before stood up, fold her arms and said

“Aopaefia is right. I don’t mean to read your thoughts. I can tell. You are as confused in this matter. To answer your questions, yes. You are an abnormality. But to explain why you are an abnormality, there’s a need to explain what is considered normal.

Great goddess Aopaefia Laydia.

It seems like title and respect are a thing in every world. There are people who called themselves king of a country, head of a famous cooperation, an idol. How does one differentiate themselves as great among being god of individual worlds? The population of their world? The lifespan of the citizens? Regardless of their measurement, that is beyond me.

As all I see in front of me, is a harpy-like creature. One with four long pigtails, with an eye symbol that acts like an hair tie at the end of each pigtail, hair scaling from blue to green to yellow to orange, till her waist. She wore a veil to cover her face, and a yellow kimono with an fruit I’ve never seen before. It looks like a slice of tangerine, but the outer skin is aquamarine, but flesh is the appearance of lime. Maybe her taste of fashion is great, but I do not see how great she is. I do not like how she look down on others and speak in an high and mighty tone. I might prefer the bunny girl, the one who stood up against Aopaefia.

Even though she’s small and soft spoken, she is not unreasonable. She respects others when respect is needed and doesn’t demand it. Her looks. I’ve met many bunny girls before, but she is by far the beautiful among them all. Her ears moved from left to right and I could see her light blue fur. Her long wavy artic blue hair that reaches her hips region with three Monarch butterfly hair pin located at the back. One of it is a regular monarch butterfly, another is a velvet in color the last one in cerulean. Her eyes were liken to Black Carborundum, where even though her eyes were black, there were some light refractory colors as she moves around. Her yellow ball dress compliment her slender figure. Even though you can see the fur on her arms and legs, I can see that those who are into furry worshiping her as their goddess.


Right. They can hear my thoughts. And i felt a glare fr

“The people in my world called me Goddess Iso. You can call me Iso. If you were to reincarnate into my world, I’ll give you my blessing and let you communicate with me whenever you wish.”

“I’ve taken a liking to this one. He’s mine.”

Murmurs were heard across the cave.

“Isophoic, Aopaefia, lets get back to the matter at hand. Execell. You were not meant to die yet. In your life’s journal, it is recorded that you were meant to die on an later date and your soul would be contain within your world.”

I died before my time? How? What does that mean? Does this mean that predestination is a thing? If I was given a choice between A and B, it was already predetermined what I will choose? But what does it mean that I was meant to died a later date. My soul is now in another world?

“When a soul died before their set time, the souls escape from their world and arrived at Litus Nihilo. Gods who are looking to take new soul into their world will look at the person’s life journal before they died, and consider if they would want to take a lifeless soul into their world. If they were to consider, the ferryman will bring the soul from Litus Nihilo to the respective god’s world by the Flumine Inter Mundos. However, there are issues.”

So I’m here now, because I died before my set time. That thinking is wrong. If this was the case, I would be directly transported to another god and not in this cave. I wasn’t transported to another god’s world, but in this cave. I looked at the ferryman. Even with his his robe and hood on, I can feel his gaze. Does that mean something in between?

“As their life is cut short, the soul maturity is cut short. Reincarnating into another world doesn’t mean they will gain life again. You have stillborn infants in your world without any medical reasons. The soul will undergo the cycle of life and death before it becomes mature again to have a proper life again. Even if it does gain life, some are born with mental disabilities.”

Does this mean that the reason why more and more still births and mental disabilities are caused by the god of my world taking in souls, and waiting for the souls to repair itself like liver? Wait, it doesn’t explain why am I here? And who is the god of my world?



“I shouldn’t have accepted you into my world.”


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