“What do you mean you shouldn’t have accepted me into your world? If I was suppose to go to your world, what am I doing here?” Though I asked the question, I already have a thought in my mind. If I expressed it, or dwell on it, they will be able to read my thoughts again.

“I have no reason to tell you why I chose you.”

“Miss Aopaefia. Wouldn’t a God, like you, hear a request from someone who was suppose to be a member of your world? Isn’t that the purpose of a God? To hear the prayers of people who asked, and answer them appropriately?”

“Don’t assume we have gender. I may call myself a great goddess but we gods do not have a gender. The concept of gender exist your world and a few others. Most worlds evolved past the need for gender association.”

This info is redundant.

“Some has both gender. Some worlds do not have gender differentiation part. There are many other ways new life can exist apart from the traditional way.”

When will she get to the point?

“Some world reproduce by blood extraction and blend them together in an artificial incubator. This allow more species of life to be born. Some worlds allow diffusion of their reproduction cells to another body.”

Is she deliberately ignoring me even though she can read my mind?

“We gods don’t really have a reason or purpose to choose anyone. However, some gods have preference of the kind of people they want in their world. We each were offered a part of a person’s good attributes and bad attributes. The fundamental duty of a God is to make their world a better place. However, ‘better’ is relative to each of us. Aopaefia’s world has concept of magic and sorcery. While many world advance in technology, Aopaefia world focus on mystic arts, logical magic, spirits magic and …”

“Enough. I’ll continue from here.”

Isophoic turned to me and gave me a wink. I couldn’t contain my thought on how cute she is and am thankful that she is on my side. Maybe going to her world isn’t that bad idea.

“It’s Iso. My chosen ones can call me Iso. Even if you are thinking about me, I would like you to call me Iso.”

“Are you listening?”

My attention was brought back to the Spectrum. She sounded pissed.

“I chose you as you are good with magic. That’s the only reason.”


“I don’t need to explain about how I was going to manage my world.”

“Face it. You were going to use him for some grand plan of yours. I see him favorably and will treat him well in my world. If you are not willing to share your plan, there shouldn’t be any objection if it doesn’t matter to you.”

Iso turns out to be kinder than I thought. In my world, if something that benefit you, you would do all you can to have it. That’s what most people does. If Iso didn’t edge Spectrum on, I would have gone over to Iso’s world without a doubt. A life being blessed by the god of the world isn’t so bad. Nonetheless, Iso knows that there would be a chance if I pitied Spectrum here, I might go along with her. Iso still took that chance. She really is a goddess. As I stared at Aopaefia, I let this thought play in my head. Spectrum, Spectrum, since you can read my mind, you should probably know too. If I, a human can understand, surely you, a god, could.

It looks like my message gotten through to her, she decided to speak.

“My world, has advanced to the point where there’s no new life.”


“The people in my world does not die. Centuries ago, there was a parasitic disease that sapped the life of the people via their life aura. I sent a revelation to the my devotee, a new spell that would act as a barrier to prevent the life aura from getting sapped. This way parasite will die out. My messenger changed the spell. Instead of protecting the life aura, it protect the soul. As people’s physical body dies, they begin to live as spirits.”

HA! The irony. They live as spirits.

“I sent another of my devotee to spread the true spell however, it was too late. Though the plan was to kill 95% of the world did succeed, the soul of the people still linger in the physical world. As spirits, they begin to live in objects. As they are spirits, they are unable to use magic. They haunted the living and demanded them to build a physical body. Over time, the number of living were reduced and new born are fewer.”

In my world, if a person is growing up in a non-ideal environment, they would have suffered mental health issue, which would led them to have more physical and social issues. A healthy soul resides in a healthy mind of a healthy body. If they are not able to grow up well, they will not be able to live well, and much less reproduce.

“With souls that never die, and lesser life being born, the world’s population dropped. New magic begin to come to a halt as the demand for soul transfer techniques, replication and never-decaying took so much emphasis. It grew to the point where spells learning and research are lost. By pressing a button while providing mana, a new body is created. I have no messenger left in the world. A world who forgotten about their god will reach its doom.”

I looked down and started thinking. More so than thinking, I felt sorry for Spectrum. Some great goddess she is. A great goddess would not let it happen. She still acts almighty even now. She still acts almighty even now. She still… Is she really acting mighty? It must be hard for her to admit all these. As I looked up, I noticed her veil. Ah. Is that why she wore a veil? Was she crying the whole time? Was she worried the whole time? It doesn’t make sense though. Ah, I see. I see now. She focused on talking about how other ways other world reproduced. She must have been thinking ways to bring new life to her world. No. She was looking for ways to save her world. If that’s the case, why does she said she shouldn’t had accepted me in the world?

“There are two issues here. The first issue relates to why we are having this meeting. The second issue is she realized there are many better world out there for you to be reborn in. She did consider giving you to me.”

“What can I do to help?”

I do sort of have an idea what she wants me to do. “I have no messenger left in the world.” I’ll likely be her messenger. Her prophet in a sense. One that tells people of the one who sent me. In the sense, she will be with me and blessed me as well. Through me, her world will be save. Even though I do not know how am I suppose to do that, or if I can do that. The fundamental issue of her world would be to release the soul. As for the method, she would have a plan. Sounds like a pain though.

“As the head investigator, I’ve let the conversation gone on for a while. It’s time to get back to the topic we have on hand, the first issue which Isophoic speak off.”

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