Annex 1: Universal Soul System

Every being that has intelligence has a soul. It is not something that is limited to just humanoid creatures. Some worlds contain monsters which has a soul. They are not just mindless beast who acts upon instincts. Some worlds contain animals that has a soul. The fundamental is the capability to understand language, able to communicate with another by language. Almost everything that has life had a soul.

Because each world define soul differently, the souls that died retain in their individual worlds as they await their next life within the world.

When a soul is damage or destroyed, it lost its rights to remain in the world where they belong.

With a broken soul, much like a broken circuit, it would not be able to start up unless it is fixed.

There are few known ways to fix a soul.

The first way is for a God to accept the person to the new world. By letting the person live in the new world, they recover a portion of the lost soul slowly, much liken to cells regeneration. With each incarnation, their soul is filled slowly with the properties of the new world, and they would live like normal in the new world. Some Gods let the person live as livestock, much like a soulless person. Some let them live as normal creatures but they would have defects. Mental illness, physical defects are signs of poor soul prior to reincarnation. Though this is known to the gods, the people do not know that. Thats why, regardless of animals or beings, having a defect, can cause the being to be outcasted. Due to this reason, gods who accepted the people into their world, needs to should responsible for the soul until it is restored. Cells regeneration can have cancerous cells. Soul regeneration has its impurities. A soul can be regenerated in a different manner and so, a regenerated soul is always different from it’s original. This difference will affect a person’s mentality, understanding, and character. We will go deeper into that another time.

The second way to fix a soul would require an intervention from the God of the world. Imagine a beautiful vase. It is than smash into pieces. To repair it, you need to find the broken pieces and mend it together. Even so, mending it will still show where the cracks are. Leaving the stands. The God would find the parts and mend it together. This will allow the person’s soul to be as close to the original as possible. It might be easier to explain with the term kintsugi. The pot became whole again, with abit of blessing from the God of the world.

The third way to fix a soul is for the God of the world to fill part of themselves into the soul, and be part of their lives. They became living vessels for the God, until they die and with each reincarnation, they continue to become vessel of God, nearing the voice of the God, and at times, becoming the host for the God in a spatial and temporal world. The percentage of the soul the goddess fill, the more control they have when the god enter the vessel. However, when vessel is too compatible, the vessel gains some residual knowledge and power of the world when the God leave the vessel.

Execell’s soul was fixed via an unknown method.

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