Annex 2: Aopaefia’s world part 1

Have you ever seen a world where sea is so clean, you can see the sand? In the magical world where Aopaefia rule, there is no life in the ocean. In addition, there will always be fix amount of seawater. When sea water was removed from the sea, the volume will be restored. When any form of matter is added to the sea, the sea’s volume will reduced. Why is that so? Its as though the ocean is living.

Well. It is. Goddess Aopaefia blessed the ocean to come to life. The ocean is now a living being. Aopaefia named the ocean Purificean, blessing with capability to

  • Purification
  • Spatial control
  • Galaxy level dimension storage space
  • Absolute obedience
  • Mental attack nullification
  • Magical control nullification
  • Friend of life.

The water self reproduce itself and store additional volume in a void storage. Aquatic life are stored within the ocean in another dimension where they can survive and reproduce as a farm. When people see the sea, they will know the great things Appaefia done, as someone who provide water and food to those who respect and pray to her.

Over centuries, Purificean provides waves and safe journey for the people who travelled by the sea. When prayed for, aquatic life were taken out of the dimension and given to the people for their nourishment at sea. Purificean transport anyone who fallen aboard back to their ship. In addition, it also purified any waste that is thrown into it. Some includes used dracocore, manufactured potion by-products, biological wastes, it will be purified by removal, isolation, breaking down, heating, and dissolving.

Because the sea has a mind on its own, it continue to help living beings in the world.

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