“So what’s the issue?”

During the emotional outburst by Spectrum earlier, everyone was quiet. Now that the issue is brought back on the table, the other Gods starts to chatter. Maybe there’s a way to understand what they are saying. Everyone spoke, or rather, made noises in different language but yet it is understandable by each other. Do they have thought communication like the ferry man?

Wait. Where is the ferry man?

Why is he standing at the entrance?

It is now that I realize. Thought communication could not be the case as they made noises earlier. Unlike the ferry man, who clearly spoke into my mind, they made some chatter. So there should be a device or ability that cause them to understand each other, something like that item from that robot cat cartoon.

It brings me to another question. Why are some able to communicate with me and others are unable to? Are they unable to? Or are they unwilling to?


One word from Phoph was enough to shake the cave. The phrase thunderous roar is perfect way to describe Phoph’s action. I feel my core, my soul, shaking from the vibrations.

The aftermath of the shout caused everyone’s chatter to cease. Phoph stepped out from where he was. He proceeded to remove his robe. As though defying physics, his stature grew. The robe that should not have cover the entirety of his body. There are a few possibility.

  • He is portraying an illusion to make himself looked big.
  • I am under a psychic attack that cause my perception to be distorted
  • This is the aftermath from the vibration attack. As my body is dizzy, my perception of a person size is affected
  • Shapeshifter. He has the ability to shapeshift into whatever form he wants.
  • Gigantification spell that modify his size.
  • It is a magic robe that cause a person’s identify features to be hidden and remain as anonymous as possible.

“Close but that’s right. And now and this is his normal size.”

As I hear Iso’s words, I believed. This giant in front of me. Before he grew bigger I caught glimpse of his outlook. He has the tusk of a warhog, horns of a bull, clad in red armor, with powerful stomps liken to an elephant, no, with the fur that he has, its closer to a mammoth, and holding a strange weapon. The length of a spear, if the spear was more than 100 meters tall, and the end splits into many different brunches. I am unable to see what how many branches are there or the functionality, but if I am back in my body, I would pee in fear of what’s in front of me.

“Without further interruption, lets begin the investigation.”

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