Issue… Part 2?

“The souls who are drifted here lost apart of them, and thus was removed from their world. Its like a robotic quality check. As long as the soul is complete, it passes. If it isn’t, it will be throw out. The place where you were are equivalent to a trash heap.”

“So you are calling Execell as trash! NiHeeHee! Don’t worry! Even if Pho calls you trash, I’ll treat you as a treasure!”

“Hmph. I don’t really care if I’m a treasure or trash. It doesn’t matter to me”

“I can hear your inner thoughts you know”

“Lets get back to topic Phoph”

That girl is really like Satori.

“Just because it is damaged, and cast out of their world doesn’t mean its the end for them. The gods of other world are able to use them for their purposes. Re-entry to their original world is not possible but entry to another is possible. And so, the gods of other worlds will repair the soul one way or another, and let the soul live in their world”

“An apple. So it’s like an apple. When it is ripe, it will drop. However, if an earthquake happens, the apples will drop before their time. These unripe apple that are dropped are liken to the damaged soul, cast aside due to bad quality assessment and not used for normal purposes. However, unripe as it is, some have use for the unripe apples. It can be left and wait for it to be ripe before it is eaten. It can be made into apple soup and adding with other stuff like dates to make it sweet. It can be made into bitter apple pies and sugar will make it sweet. Japanese curry uses apple for the extra crunch. It can be made into apple cider vinegar. Or it can…

“Yes, you basically get the idea. You can go on now Pho.”

*Thoughts communication* *The rest are getting sleepy with your explanation so I cut you off. You can explain to me more if you want. We got all the time in the world. Ah. Why are you blushing? Ah. So that’s what you are thinking. Isn’t that what  [incomprehensible] called sinful thoughts?*

“Yes. Please continue”

What a troublesome whimsical god she is.

“Let me carry on. You were suppose to come into my world. When you landed here, your soul was was shattered. You did not even have a body. Your soul was shattered. When you had arrived, only 3% of what you currently have. During the time where you were at the shore, Motrisxs saw your soul growing exponentially. He informed me about the situation and the possibility of a restored soul in our realm. This lead to the meeting being held.”


*Thoughts communication* *The ferryman*

“The ‘Ferryman’. He is the first restored soul in our realm. He proceeded to stay in the realm of the Gods to deliver souls from one place to another using the connecting river. This helped us Gods immensely.”

He was wearing the same robe that Phoph did. This means that what I saw wasn’t his true appearance? Hold up. If it meant that the ferryman was the first to be restored and the possibility of another restored soul…

“Am I the second per…”

“Technically, you were the fourth. The second and the third who regain their soul throw themselves overboard in the river. This caused their souls to be lost forever, in the river between worlds. When we heard of the possibility of the fourth, there was deep urgency to hold this meeting.”

I wondered what happen to the second and third that caused them to jump off. If they were anything like me, they would want to find out more about the situation before doing anything rash. But against many gods in this place, I am reminded of the situation that I was in few moments ago, wishing for a friend, wishing for anything humane. But these aren’t important now.

“I do not know what caused my soul to regenerate or recover or remerge to how it is now. I can’t tell you any more info that I already have. There is no evidence or historical references I can back up with. I do not know how I died.”

“What is the last thing you remember?”

“The last thing I remember was playing mahjong with a group of friends in Thailand within the mountainous villa. That doggo became a multibillionaire and invited his close friends stay with him so he wouldn’t be lonely. I missed that guy. I created a nine-layered barrier that prevent anyone we do not know from entering. I called it the Nine-layered Nonago of Protection. The surrounding was erected with forest illusion and memory scrambler magic was cast. Outsider of the barrier was protected by the Direwolves gang and the leader resides in the security room, monitoring the area, and preparing to summon his domain when needed. The castaway penguin worked from within the villa to sell his art and transporting them via magic teleportation tube to a post office that I’m wizard network is affiliated to. The nerdy purple fox works as a tour guide in the FullDiveWebNetworkCocoons, from her room. It’s a place where… You know what, you guys probably won’t understand even if I were to explain. The cafe owner teleport to work daily using the magic circle from the room to the cafe. The white…”

*Breathes Deeply*

“Hurry get to the point!”

“The last thing I remember was winning a really big hand in a game of mahjong. Mahjong is a game where… Explaining what mahjong is will take alot of them, so I’ll skip it… As we were playing, the first barrier was broke. I don’t remember anything after that. If you say a soul can be shattered, you would need to explain how a soul can be shattered.”

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