Issue… part 3?

“When the soul deviates their pre-destined end, and it is unable to enter the cycle of life in their world, it is due to the damaged soul.”

“And how is a soul damaged?”

“When something damaged the soul, it is damage.”

“And how is a soul damaged?”

“There are many ways a soul can be damaged.”

“What are…”

*breathes in and out deeply*

I feel like I’m being blown away again. Does he not know how a soul is destroyed and damaged? No. That’s not the case. The more likely case is that he knows the answer but he doesn’t want to share it. It is likely that he either is refusing to share, or he can’t share. This would mean that there must be a reason why he can’t share or doesn’t want to share. What are some possible reason? What would make a god fearful? What would make the info restrictive? More people die in their world? Or, their own deaths. Can God die?

Lets say in theory. Its possible that I may have the same power or ability to do the soul shattering and would become a threat. What becomes of those which has become a threat? What is the limit of the power? Worst case scenario, if I can shatter the soul of humans, can I shatter the soul of Gods?

There too many uncertainty and nothing much is mentioned. On the other hand, there could be too many ways for a soul to shatter, like maybe predestination is never a thing, and we chose to deviate and that itself cause the original soul’s plan to shatter? Maybe? But it would be already predestined that I made the choice and recorded in my life’s journal.

Wait. My head hurts.

“So do mine”

“So do mine”

The both of them said at the same thing at the same time

If I can conclude that whatever action that we take in this world will not affect our soul in our world, then it must be something out of this world. Now that I can see that there are many gods in charge of many worlds, what if the reason for soul shatter was an intervention of someone from someone else’s world?

For example, an incarnate into our world is someone from out of our world. If he manage to kill me, then technically, my soul was shattered due to a death out of our normal world system and out of our normal world predicted death time. Does this mean that, the reason why my soul is shattered is because of an influence of an incarnate.


Someone spoke. A big silver fox jump in front of me, and walked infront of me. After staring at me for a while, it proceeded to sploot. After staring at me alittle longer, it spoke.

*clears throat* “The Outer world inner world theory. Very good. It is one of a few reason why a soul can deviate from their original path. However, wouldn’t that be amended and corrected if an incarnate does appear into your world and you have interactions with them that led to your death?”

For once, I feel like I could have an intellectual conversation with someone.

“This is all new to me. I do not know what kind of actions can affect the change in the life’s journal. Even if there is changes, if pre-destination should correct the course. It’s like adding 1 pinch of salt into a cake. It doesn’t make the cake salty. How about 2 pinches of salt? When is the tipping point that there was a deviation?”

“You got it wrong. Many things can affect the change, and many things can be corrected. But deviation alone doesn’t cause a person’s soul to shatter or damaged. The death of a person before they reach their appointed death time and place does. You like to give examples for your explanations. Maybe this might be easier for you to understand.”

Is it mocking me? I can understand without any visualization!

“This is a beautiful hourglass. I light tap might knock it abit, but even if its knocked over, it may not break. You know what happen when enough force used on the hourglass. The glass would break. The sand from the hour glass spill out. Taking the sand as the soul, it isn’t that the soul is destroy or shattered but spill and incomplete. Just like how your glass was so damaged, only a small amount of sand left.”

“There are wars in my world. People battle for their sake of righteousness. If an incarnate decide to activate a deadly bomb and killed everyone in the battle field, doesn’t that mean that alot of soul would be damage as their deaths would be before their time, their sand spilling out of the hourglass before their time?”

“That’s one reason why Gods of their world needs to supervise and take care of the souls that are incarnated in their world. This is to prevent an incarnate from harming the beings of their world. The God can intervene when they determine if an action would cause the soul to be damaged. Maybe the God is slacking on the job.”

“I highly doubt that’s that case. Then why didn’t…”

The Nine-layered Nonago of Protection! Still if the God of my world known the events of my life, why wasn’t I protected from an incarnate. The god should been watching the incarnate. It is under the god’s charge. Wait. Wait. Wait. I realized a more pressing issue.

“If I am here, does that mean that the rest of the people in the mansion are in the same state? At the… Latus Nulilo?”

“There are many souls there. It is possible they are there. It is possible they are not. It is also possible that they are incarnated into another world. It is possible that they there are lost in the river. They will be lost forever. Ka Ka Ka.”

I reacted. I tried to punch the fox in front of me. But my body just slide past. Shit! I forgotten that I do not have a physical body. Still, why did I punch it. I would normally just use magic to attack it. That would been my first reaction. Is it because how reachable it is?

“Ka ka ka! Aren’t you suppose to use your words instead of your fist? that’s the only ‘offensive’ thing you could now, so what do you have to say?”

*Thought communication* *He is provoking you. He is a god that becomes stronger when there are anger and malice in the atmosphere.*

“I thought you were a god, seems like you are a fox. Go lay somewhere and become food for others, or for me. I have not eaten fox meat in my life. The intellectual conversation I would want to have is with a god, not some beast. Run along now. I have no interest in you.”

*Thought communication* *When I meant anger and malice in the atmosphere, it includes his own anger and malice.*

The fox in front of me started to behave differently. Its eyes were getting bloody red. Its body starts to have red streaks. The number of tails it has starts increasing. As everything was becoming a disaster, a whole appeared above the creature.

“Calm down Ciarxfcot”

Water started gashing from the hole over the fox. It’s eye started to return to normal, tail shrunk, and the fur was pure white again.

So the fox name is Ciarxfcot. Why does it feels familiar? Why can’t these Gods have proper names like Jonathan, Victor and Andrew?

“We got the info that we need. It is highly likely that you were killed before your time is up. You either lost your memory or were unconscious when you died and that’s why you do not know the nature or manner of your death. The universal scopes of lie detectors didn’t detect lies from your words. You do not know who killed you. The god of your world was looking after all the incarnates in the world. The universal scopes did not detect any lie as well. This would mean that both side are saying the truth, or their version of what they believe is truth. The issue left is to decide what to do with you.”

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