Annex 3: Ciarxfcot’s world part 1

Ciarxfcot change in nature is due to the events of his world. This world consist of 5 main regions. The oceans of Bacsabils, the snowy mountains of Pklina, the once lush forest of Lumiasine, the skies of Populas and the volcanic islands of Ifario. The regions are named this way due to the foundation of their first king.

When the world was created, there was no need for a king.

This is what happened in the forest of Lumiasine.

In the day, animals roam around the land. They befriend each other. The 6 arms gorillas helped to build cities. The rabbits help to grow vegetations. The foxes help to find berries. The sonar bald eagles helped watch over those who venture beyond the lush forest. When harm befall upon them, the eagles will communicate with their sonic waves. The worker rats dig burrows to connect the water from rivers to provide water to the fields. The beavers are researchers who help to improve the way of life. Though it was a mix of primitive life and bits of advancement. In the night, the owl guards protect the place. The bats helped to communicate information. The glow wolves and shadow wolves roam around in pairs. While the shadow wolves can move from shadows to shadow, they can lost their sense of identity if they stay in the shadow for long time. Staying in the glow wolves shadows remind the shadow wolves that they are wolves. The spider assassination squad sets up their poisoned treads at night, and keep them when it’s near day. The treads are used for fabric, after the poison is removed by flamed mongoose. Everyone in the forest do their part and they formed a wonderful ecological system.

That is, until…

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