Annex 4: Nine-layered Nonago of Protection

This is talking about a complex spell called the Nine-layered Nonago of Protection.

It’s a spell that constantly drain mana from the caster for 913 hours (or about 39 days). This is also the reason why the caster is required to store mana into reservoirs and tanks before the spell. During the casting of spell, the user would eat plentiful and rest to save mana.

The spell is a simple concept but the draining itself will last long. The mana will keep draining even if the user continue to sleep.

The concept of the spell involve casting 9 consecutive nonagon, with each additional cast strengthening the one before with it’s properties. The nanogon protection in all dimensions, including underground and skies. After all 9 layer are cast

Before the spell starts, 10 sets of items are must be present.

  • 1 Gingko tree from Argent Forest
  • 2 1000 years old ginseng
  • 3 roteus blocks
  • 4 sets of diamond, tungsten and titanium
  • 5 all cure potions
  • 6 set of elemental bottles
  • 7 voodoo dolls
  • 8 1.5liters of holy water
  • 9 full body mirrors
  • 9 vial of blood per person who is living in the mansion

The first step is to determine the boundaries of the barrier. After determining the first barrier boundary, buffer each other layer times each with 2km away. The next step to buff each barrier with visualizer camouflage after each cast. Determining the boundaries for each cast barrier cast took 9 hours. Preparing to buff the barrier with visualizer camouflage took another 9 hours. (Total time: 18 hours)

After the boundary is set, it will be auto cast after one is set up. The only reason why this is set up this way is due to the difficulty in gathering the materials.

The first layer requires one sacrifice. Ginko tree from Argent Forest. The ginko tree is use as the catalyst of long life. It slows down the progress of life and prevent the death by unnatural cause. (Total time: 1 hour)

The 2nd barrier allows the people within barrier to recover their life and mana at a faster pace. It also increase brain functioning capacity, boost immunity, and have and have better se… Never mind. This is good for people who injured themselves alot, use alot of mana, which is the caster in this case, and perfect for the doggo with the casting coach. The second layer requires 2 1000 years old ginseng. 1 to buff the first layer, the second for the 2nd layer itself. (Total time: 2 hours)

The 3rd later requires 3 roteus block. 2 to buff the first two layer, the 3rd for the protection against physical wounds. As long as the barrier is up, no one will suffer physical damage from any cuts or punctuate wounds. Though the wounds will not happen, the pain will still be present. (Total time: 4 hours)

The 4th barrier provides protection from any projectile. If a projectile is shot and hit the barrier, it will provide 30% chance the projectile will be ricochet and 1% chance return homing will be activate that will cause the bullet to hit the one who fired the projectile. Death to those who attacked us by projectiles. This 4th layer requires 4 sets of diamond, tungsten and titanium. The first 3 for the first 3 barriers. This layer also acts as a bomb shelter. (Total time: 8 hours)

The 5th barrier protect against ailments and illnesses. Paralysis, poison, even headache would be not happened to the people within the protection. The 5th barrier requires 5 all cure potions, also known as panacea. 4 of it to grant properties to first 4 barrier. (Total time:16 hours)

The 6th barrier protect the location from natural disasters that occur on earth as well as meteorite from falling and hitting us. The 6th barrier require 6 sets of the elements of the world. Each set consist of a Bottle of Blue Fire, Bottle of Ocean Water, Bottle of Sand, Bottled of Wind, Bottle of clouds and a piece of meteorite. 5 set is grant its protection properties to previous 5 barrier. The meteorite wasn’t necessary but better be safe than sorry. (Total time: 32 hours)

The 7th barrier is to guard against curses. The first 6 voodoo doll is to grant it’s properties to the first 6 barriers. Use a curse to fight a curse. The curse will be absorb and strengthening the barrier against the particular type of curse. (Total time: 64 hours)

The 8th barrier grants protection against spiritual attacks. 7 bottles were use to grant it’s properties to the first 7 barriers. It acts as a shield that will prevent any visual from any spiritual entry. That is ghost, ghouls, imps, succubae, angels, fairy, anything that is classified as spiritual entities will not be allowed access. (Total time: 128 hours)

The 9th barrier protects and reflect magical attacks. It case magic redirect by reflecting the spell as well as target redirect via mirror world magic. If a spell is small in nature, it will be reflected. When the spell is large in size, mirrors will gather and absorb the spell, transfer it into the mirror world, and store the spell into a spell book grimoire, and transfer into the grimoire library. (Total time: 256 hours)

The last item isn’t a barrier. It is used to set the people where the barrier effects would grant, and prevent the negative effect of the barrier. The blood is use as identifier for the person. Anyone apart from the people in this group can pass through the barriers. For the 3rd and 4th barrier prevent physical entry of people who are not identified. For the 7th barrier, anyone apart from the people in the barrier will suffer the curses and additional curses that are being absorbed. For the 8th barrier, if any one has a possessed object, the spirit will be exorcised. (Total time: 256 hours)

Finally, after all the barrier is set. Compiling and compressing of the barrier occur into 9 thin layers. (Total time: 128 hours)

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