“What do you mean what to do with me?”

“As gods, we have a basic obligation to listen to your request. Normally, when soul is broken, we decide what is best for then and what we do with them in our world. However, since you have regain your soul, what is you want to do in your next life? Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve? Consider this as us Gods respecting your freewill.”

“I would like to return to my previous world”

As the rule states, a broken soul is not allowed back into it’s original world. However, I am whole again. Which means technically, I am able to return to my previous world. However, I heard the unexpected.

“Unfortunately, you are not able to return to your own world. Even though the God of your world wouldn’t mind you back, but rules are rules. You are not allowed back into your own world.”

So much for freewill. If rules states that I can’t, does that mean that it is possible now but its just because of the rule that I’m not allow to? What if… Wait. I shall not continue thinking this. They can read my thoughts. Think of other thoughts.

“What are some of my options?”

“You can choose to live in any of the world that we are in charged of. That includes Aopaefia’s world. That was the world where you were originally headed. It is proper that I should state it out.”

“However, that is up to him to choose. Like I’ve said, I’ve taken a liking to him. I would like to propose for him to come to my world. He will not experience hardship nor the responsibility of the literal weight of the world.”

“We got what we need. Why not just destroy his soul? If we can’t destroy it, we can always just trap him whowwwwwwwly. We care Gods. We can do what we want. Freewill? I see no reason to give you beast any freewill! With freewill, you people acts worst than beast. I’m willing to be one who does it. Lets kill him. Lets put that to a vote”

Oh great. Big doggy getting angry again. Did something get triggered his hatred? Wait. Did he say vote? Does that mean that even if I choose anything, i will still be subjected to voting? If that’s the case, freewill or no freewill, the choice was never up to me.

“Is there a choice…”

“Is there a choice to…”

“Yes there is. I would like to request for a intermission. As the one who was originally wants his soul, I do have the right to call for this. I would like to speak to Execell alone.”

With a wave of her hand, a bright light appeared in-front of me. Though I know I do not have eyes, I instinctively move my hands to cover my eyes. A white box started forming on the ground, growing 3meters high and 3meters wide. She walked past me and walked into the white box. I see every strands of hair disappeared into the white box.

Suddenly, a hand, her hand, came out of the box and signaling me to enter the white box.

I begin to wonder, what is this but it would be rude to make her wait, so I entered the white box.

Well, I charged in like how a player with a rugby player would to protect the ball. If it was a solid wall, at least I would be able to brace the impact. And if i fall, i wouldn’t get damaged anyway.

For some reason, i entered, fell and injured my arm.

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