This space… it feels different… Pain… I felt pain? As I look at my arms, it looks red. Red?

Its a physical body. As I try to press my hand against the wall, I am unable to push my hands out, unlike the way she did.

I looked around the room. It’s a white space, with no exits. In an enclosed area, it should be dark. However, it is no. Even without light source, the room is still bright. Our eyes met. She was seated on a throne. A white throne. No its not the toilet bowl, but a literal throne. There was no one else here.

Now that I’m alone with her, I came to a realization that, I… am… naked… with a female looking person infront of me

“Can I have some clothes please? It’s hard to interact with you like this, especially when it’s just the two of us”

“Call me by my proper name”

Apart from spectrum, I really can’t remember her name well. She knows that well, but yet she asked me. I have to do my best.


I felt her gaze staring at me.


There’s an aura coming out from her hand. It materialized into a ball of aura. The closest way I can describe it is a move from a game I used to play. But regardless of what it is, I know one thing. It will hit me if I get the name wrong the next try.


The ball of energy dissipates. Yes. Whoohoo. However, her gaze continues.

“I am a God and it is common practice to hear the request of mortal beings. So Execell, one who I intended to bring to my world, what is your wish and desire. Present them unto me, like how you ask your king. Ask me respectfully what you want, and believe I can grant your wishes and that will become my power to do the best of my ability. What do you wish? What is your desire? What is your prayer to a God like me?”

Honestly, I just want some clothes at this point. But the way she phrase her words, what is she after?

Is the lack of belief making her lose her powers? The Gods here are omnipotent right? If so, her power doesn’t rely on my trust in her.

Standard procedure? The role of a God that grants prayers would be the prayer request need to be made. It being a procedure thing is a possibility. But why does it feel there’s something more?

Believe she will grant my wish? Is it a faith issue?

I bend one knee down.

I lowered my head.

“Goddess aopaefia“

“Help me grant my desires”

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